Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!!!

   Today was a nice day. A lot of the snow we've recently had has melted and will soon be forgot. With todays warmer temperatures some little awaited friends came out to be heard. Frogs! I heard frogs today, and that was music to my ears. I am so excited for Spring. This time of year is so full of hope, newness, and possibility.
   Speaking of new there is a lot going on at Little Pitter Patter Blessings. I have made some new items and some items are waiting to be finished. Here is a sampling of what has been going on.
    This is Jacob the rabbit. He measures around 27 inches long and is made of stained muslin. He is wearing a checked homespun shirt and muslin pants. His face is stitched and he has eyelids! In his little hand he holds a packet of carrot seeds.

  Meet Peter. He is made of muslin which has been stained for that prim look. His face has been stitched and he has flax for whiskers. His little tail is made of sheep's wool and he has rusty nails for legs. He has a felt carrot stitched on one side and the word Carrots stitched on the other.  
      This is an adorable little chick pillow. The pillow is made of stained muslin which has a mustard yellow felt chick stitched on it. There is a piece of homespun tied to a safety pin.
   It's time to get back to work, and I will be adding more new items in the coming days. Go check out my website and please become a follower if you want to keep up with the happenings around here.  In the meantime I will be waiting for warmer temperatures so my little guys can go out and play.

                                                                          Prim Blessings,
                                                           Alicia Minix

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