Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!!!

   Today was a nice day. A lot of the snow we've recently had has melted and will soon be forgot. With todays warmer temperatures some little awaited friends came out to be heard. Frogs! I heard frogs today, and that was music to my ears. I am so excited for Spring. This time of year is so full of hope, newness, and possibility.
   Speaking of new there is a lot going on at Little Pitter Patter Blessings. I have made some new items and some items are waiting to be finished. Here is a sampling of what has been going on.
    This is Jacob the rabbit. He measures around 27 inches long and is made of stained muslin. He is wearing a checked homespun shirt and muslin pants. His face is stitched and he has eyelids! In his little hand he holds a packet of carrot seeds.

  Meet Peter. He is made of muslin which has been stained for that prim look. His face has been stitched and he has flax for whiskers. His little tail is made of sheep's wool and he has rusty nails for legs. He has a felt carrot stitched on one side and the word Carrots stitched on the other.  
      This is an adorable little chick pillow. The pillow is made of stained muslin which has a mustard yellow felt chick stitched on it. There is a piece of homespun tied to a safety pin.
   It's time to get back to work, and I will be adding more new items in the coming days. Go check out my website and please become a follower if you want to keep up with the happenings around here.  In the meantime I will be waiting for warmer temperatures so my little guys can go out and play.

                                                                          Prim Blessings,
                                                           Alicia Minix

Friday, February 28, 2014


       Well, I think we may be getting a surprise for Thanksgiving this year. Snow! I have to say I am a little excited. Of course not for the headaches it will surely cause, but there is nothing like a little snow to get you into the holiday spirit. I like the idea of just being at home with the kids and hubby and snow flying everywhere. With all of that said, I still haven't got everything I need for my dinner!
      I just love the holidays. I am so looking forward to fixing dinner for my family. I enjoy that so much.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


   I cannot believe that it is already the middle of January! This month has just flown by. Well, I have been working on some new items for Valentine's Day. It is just around the corner. That's the good thing about these cold you an excuse to stay indoors and sew! Here are just a few of the items I've been working on:
This is a prim heart make-do. It has been made of red fabric which has been coffee and cinnamon stained. A contrasting floral fabric has been stitched to the front done with the same staining technique for that extra prim look. it has a little grungy tag which is sewn on with buttons and reads "LOVE".
This is a stump doll with a heart. This little thing would great sitting on table or in a cubby. The little stump doll has been made of muslin and the heart is made of a red and white floral fabric. They have both been coffee and cinnamon stained. The stump doll has a set of red wings and a stitched face. On the front of the stump doll a red felt heart has been stitched. The doll has been tied to the top of the heart with jute string. A little grungy tag which reads " BE MINE" has been attached with a little bell.
This is a clay piece I made for Valentine's Day. It is an original and one of a kind. It has been hand sculpted out of clay and baked. Once baked the piece is left to harden and then painted. After I paint the piece I add a wash to it to make it look prim. It really has a lot of detail.
Those are the pieces I  have finished and have more that I am finishing. As soon as I finish those I will add them. I will also be adding some early Easter items!
Until next time, God Bless.
                                            Alicia Minix

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

   Happy New Year! Hope everyone is ready for a craft filled year. I am working on some new Valentine items to add to my website and also to ebay. When I get some finished I will also add some to this blog. Something new for Little Pitter Patter Blessings this year is personalized clay ornaments for every season or reason.  Also, I will be adding woven tags to all of my cloth products. They will say Little Pitter Patter Blessings and have a heart. This way you know you get an original.  My clay items will have LPPB with 3 hearts on the back of them. Here are some personalized clay ornaments I did for my kids and hubby this year:
  This one is for my smallest son that loves dump trucks.
  My middle son played football this year, so this was for him.
  My oldest son started the saxophone this year, so this was his.
   I add the year and their name on them and put a little message on the back. I do a wash on them to make them look antique. I just think these are a great keepsake. This will remind them of what was special for them that year.
   Thanks so much for reading and keep check on my website for new products and on the blog, and don't forget to go check out ebay!!!!

                                                                              Alicia Minix

Monday, October 28, 2013


     The countdown to the holidays has begun. I have been working hours on end to get ready for my Arts and Crafts Holiday Fair! I'm really excited. I LOVE doing the craft shows.
     Halloween is this Thursday. It is giving 90% chance of rain and maybe even thunderstorms. This sounds like a great evening for pizza and scary movies with the kids.
    Here is some more new creations. Check out my website often for I will be adding new items regularly.
    This is an adorable Snowman door greeter. He is made of muslin which has been coffee and cinnamon stained. He has a thin layer of batting placed inside him. His little arms are made of twigs and his hat and gloves are red felt. He has a tinsel scarf and bells on his belly. His face has been stitched and he has a little orange felt nose. Glitter has been sprinkled all over him for that Christmasy feel. The price for this little guy is $15.00.
     This is a great way to recycle old bed springs! I have made a yellow penny star out of felt. I hot glued it to the spring and added some little bells. Now you have your very own little Spring Tree! This would look great on a fireplace mantle or sitting on a table. The price for this is $8.00.
Christmas just isn't Christmas without Gingerbread men.
This adorable little gingerbread man ornament has been made of tan felt and Christmas colored homespun. It's face has been stitched and its little nose is made of red felt. It's cheeks have been blushed and glitter has been applied all over it. This would be great hanging on any Christmas Tree! The price for this little guy is $2.50.
That's my newest creations, again check back regularly
for new items.
                        Prim Blessings,
                     Alicia Minix

Friday, October 25, 2013


  This looks to be a very busy season! Not to mention all of the goings on with the kids and family life, but business as well. I have just opened my store back up. I am really excited. I now have the website, ebay, craft fairs, and the store.
  I just love this time of year! I love the feel of the weather, the holidays, and just the family togetherness. I can't believe that Halloween is next Thursday. I guess me and my 3 sons will be carving pumpkins this weekend. I can't wait.
 I have been working on some new items for Christmas. I have done some glittering to my prim creatiions to give them that Christmas feel.
 Glittered Snowman $12.00
Prim Rudolph Reindeer $8.00
 Primitive Pear $15.00
  You can find all of these items on my website. Some of them are being auctioned on ebay. I will be having a Christmas Open House in November. I will post when the date will be. Also, the first Saturday in December I will be a vendor at the Holiday Arts and crafts Fair in Morehead, Ky. I hope you all can attend.
  Well I guess I better get back to creating, got a lot to do.

                                           Prim Blessings
                                             Alicia Minix


Saturday, April 13, 2013


  Hello. Welcome to my crafters blog. This will be a great place to find my new items and even a few tips. I will be working on some new items for an upcoming craft fair. Also I am going to be working on some projects for my store. I hope you will check in often to see what's happening at Little Pitter Patter Blessings.

                                                                             Alicia Minix