Wednesday, January 15, 2014


   I cannot believe that it is already the middle of January! This month has just flown by. Well, I have been working on some new items for Valentine's Day. It is just around the corner. That's the good thing about these cold you an excuse to stay indoors and sew! Here are just a few of the items I've been working on:
This is a prim heart make-do. It has been made of red fabric which has been coffee and cinnamon stained. A contrasting floral fabric has been stitched to the front done with the same staining technique for that extra prim look. it has a little grungy tag which is sewn on with buttons and reads "LOVE".
This is a stump doll with a heart. This little thing would great sitting on table or in a cubby. The little stump doll has been made of muslin and the heart is made of a red and white floral fabric. They have both been coffee and cinnamon stained. The stump doll has a set of red wings and a stitched face. On the front of the stump doll a red felt heart has been stitched. The doll has been tied to the top of the heart with jute string. A little grungy tag which reads " BE MINE" has been attached with a little bell.
This is a clay piece I made for Valentine's Day. It is an original and one of a kind. It has been hand sculpted out of clay and baked. Once baked the piece is left to harden and then painted. After I paint the piece I add a wash to it to make it look prim. It really has a lot of detail.
Those are the pieces I  have finished and have more that I am finishing. As soon as I finish those I will add them. I will also be adding some early Easter items!
Until next time, God Bless.
                                            Alicia Minix

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