Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

   Happy New Year! Hope everyone is ready for a craft filled year. I am working on some new Valentine items to add to my website and also to ebay. When I get some finished I will also add some to this blog. Something new for Little Pitter Patter Blessings this year is personalized clay ornaments for every season or reason.  Also, I will be adding woven tags to all of my cloth products. They will say Little Pitter Patter Blessings and have a heart. This way you know you get an original.  My clay items will have LPPB with 3 hearts on the back of them. Here are some personalized clay ornaments I did for my kids and hubby this year:
  This one is for my smallest son that loves dump trucks.
  My middle son played football this year, so this was for him.
  My oldest son started the saxophone this year, so this was his.
   I add the year and their name on them and put a little message on the back. I do a wash on them to make them look antique. I just think these are a great keepsake. This will remind them of what was special for them that year.
   Thanks so much for reading and keep check on my website for new products and on the blog, and don't forget to go check out ebay!!!!

                                                                              Alicia Minix

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